Curriculum II

The prerequisite is the completion of Curriculum I. In this course, the current will be faster. The course will build on the tools presented in Curriculum I. Students will spend both days on moving water.

Dates are provided here.

We use various sections of the Lehigh River for Curriculum II. Students will be grouped based on skill and progress which will also determine where each group will kayak. Kayaking location for each student group is determined by the lead instructor and will vary based on water levels and student skills. Instructors will elaborate on kayaking plans the morning of the class.


We encourage all to stay at the Canalside to meet instructors, assistants, and other students. You can arrive either Friday night between 5:00-11:00 (preferred, see below) or Saturday morning if you do not want to spend the first night there. Dinner and drinks are on your own. There are also several near-by options for housing if you do not wish to stay at Canalside.

Saturday (Day 1)

Location: Meet at the Canalside by 8:00.

Duration: Approximately 8 hours

Required: Kayak, paddle, spray-skirt, PFD, helmet, air bags, water shoes, water bottle, lunch, towel, dry clothes, double ziploc baggies or dry bag to keep food and other items dry.

Highly recommended: Sunscreen, nose clips.

You will need a “take-out” bag with a towel and dry clothes to change into after each paddling day.  This bag may end up stored in someone else’s car at the take-out so be sure you have everything you need at the take-out.

You may want to bring an extra towel (or changing robe) to use while changing.  There may not be changing facilities at the take-out.

Dinner will be provided Saturday night at Canalside between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm.  This is the only meal provided by the club during the weekend.  All other meals will be on your own and ad hoc with fellow paddlers.  Dinner is not your average fare and is one of the highlights of the weekend.  Entrees and salads made from scratch with plenty for those hungry and wet from a hard day on the water. Because of varying drink tastes, we provide only water and tea.  Feel free to bring your drink of choice, including alcoholic beverages, if desired.

WTC recognizes some student have special dietary considerations. Please inform the training coordinator of any special dietary restrictions. We try to accommodate most dietary restrictions by offering an array of proteins and side dishes; however, students with special dietary restrictions should expect to supply their own evening meal.

Sunday (Day 2)

Location: Meet at the Canalside by 8:00.  A shuttle will be required to relocate cars to the take-out.

Duration: Approximately 8 hours.

What are the accommodations?

Most students and instructors stay at the Canalside, a hostel-like facility in Lehighton, PA; however, you may choose to stay at any facility or campsite in the region.  This is a great opportunity to meet and get to know the trainers, other club members, and your fellow students.   We have found this to be a very opportune time for you to learn more about equipment, other paddling opportunities, how to get involved in the club, etc.  Outdoor seating for several is provided at the Canalside, but you may want to bring an extra chair.

A week before the training weekend, we will request input from all paddlers that will allow us to determine the sleeping accommodations at the facility.  Fitting everyone into the facility usually requires people to share rooms and some to sleep on mats on the floors.

Consider this more of a ‘roughing it’ weekend in which hopefully life-long friendships are established.

MOTELS:  For motel or bed and breakfast lodging, please check