Learn to kayak!

Whitewater Training

The whitewater training program is designed as a three course progression that takes the kayaker from still water, to moving water, to whitewater. Whitewater kayaks are suitable for this training. All courses must be taken in order; however, you may choose to discontinue training at any point and the schedule has flexibility to allow students to miss a weekend and still stay in sequence (although missing a weekend will likely delay your progression).

Required Safety Session

 This course is completed with the touring group and is designed to provide students a general overview of the two disciplines of kayaking and to train them how to safely execute a kayak wet exit. The student will also be asked to demonstrate an ability to swim by completing one length of the pool. Any student unable to make this session must coordinate with the club to complete the required safety training at a Sunday morning pool session or via another option.

 Date, time and location for the safety session are here.

Curriculum I

 This course is designed to give students tools to kayak safely in moving mater The first day is on flat water and the second day is on moving water

Date, time and location provided here.

Curriculum II

 The prerequisite is the completion of Curriculum I. In this course the current will be faster. The course will build on the tools presented in Curriculum I. You will spend both days on moving water.

Date, time and location provided here.

Curriculum III

 The prerequisite is the completion of Curriculum II. This course emphasizes additional skill acquisition for paddling on fast moving water and/or whitewater.

Date, time and location provided here.

In addition to the training programs listed above, we provide graduates follow-up with club paddling trips, plus additional training through our Intermediate Advanced Program that give you a chance to safely practice your newly learned skills under the supervision of experienced paddlers and/or trained instructors. Paddling trips are announced on the WTC paddling calendar, the Paddling Facebook page, and the Club Website Forums (WTC membership required) section..

More Info: Contact Rick Cope at [email protected]